Bali's Enchanting Natural Backdrops: A Photography Location Guide

Bali's Enchanting Natural Backdrops: A Photography Location Guide

Embarking on your prewedding photography journey in Bali opens up the opportunity to capture the magic of sunrise and sunset moments, basking your love story in the ideal lighting for its most authentic essence, producing soft, golden-hued photos that exude romance and warmth. Our guidance is designed to lead you through the optimal timing for these enchanting shots. Additionally, our blog delves into a myriad of themes that seamlessly align with Bali's natural beauty, from intimate embraces on serene beaches to candid snapshots amidst lush rice terraces, each scene weaving a distinctive narrative of your unique love story. We'll provide insights into capturing the raw, untouched beauty of Bali's landscapes, whether it's the soft rays of the morning sun casting a glow upon mist-kissed mountains or the interplay of light and shadow through dense foliage, our tips will empower your photos to resonate with the splendor of nature. Adapting to Bali's diverse landscapes, we offer guidance on navigating varying conditions, including elements like wind and humidity, ensuring that your photographs emerge as flawless, picture-perfect compositions. Ensuring your attire complements Bali's aesthetics, our blog extends wardrobe suggestions that seamlessly integrate with your chosen setting, enhancing the visual harmony of your prewedding photos. Moreover, we keep you informed about potential entrance fees as certain locations might require them, underlining our commitment to transparency, and guaranteeing that you possess all the information necessary to make well-informed decisions about your pre-wedding photography adventure. 

Let's dive into our recommended location list and explore these detailed aspects! 


1. Tamblingan Lake

Tamblingan Lake is surrounded by lush forests and misty hills. The natural beauty of the area, combined with the calm waters of the lake, creates a stunning canvas for your pre-wedding photographs. Sunrise offers soft and warm lighting, often referred to as the 'golden hour,' which adds a magical touch to your photos. The gentle rays of the sun create a romantic and dreamy ambiance, making it an ideal time for a photoshoot. Additionally, there are floating boards in the middle of the lake, providing more space for posing flexibility beyond just being in a boat. You can also spread your beautiful gown or even do covered veil shots there!     

Perfect Time: Sunrise (be ready in location at 06.00 am)

Setting the Photo Conditions: Boat around the lake, floating board, the grass around the lake

Dressing: Formal Attire

Cost: a pair boat rental IDR 700K, entrance ticket IDR 250K


2. Kintamani - Black Lava (Mt. Batur view)

Morning Mist and Fog: During the early morning hours, especially around sunrise, it's common to experience mist and fog at Black Lava, Mount Batur. This can create a dreamy and mystical atmosphere, as the mist gently rises from nearby bodies of water and blankets the landscape. The temperature in the morning can be relatively cool. The terrain can be uneven and rocky, so it's important to wear appropriate footwear for walking or posing for photos. The lighting during sunrise can be soft and warm, this type of lighting creates a romantic and picturesque ambiance, ideal for capturing prewedding photographs.

Perfect Time: Sunrise (be ready in location at 06.00 am)

Setting the Photo Conditions: Pose against the backdrop of the black volcanic tuff with the majestic mountain in the background. Be sure to wear covered shoes to protect your feet

Dressing: Formal Attire

Cost: entrance ticket IDR 250K

3. Kintamani - Pinggan Village (Mt. Batur view)

4. Tegalalang Rice Terraces

5. Blangsinga (Tegenungan) Waterfall

Daylight Locations

1. Tukad Cepung Waterfall

2. Manikliyu Pine Forest

3. Munduk Waterfall

4. Banyumala Waterfall

5. Bedugul Botanical Garden

6. Kintamani Caldera

7. Marigold Garden

Sunset Locations

1. Nyanyi Beach

2. Melasti Beach

3. Balangan Beach

4. Bingin Beach

5. Mengening Beach